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After you have decided what kind of home you want, make your real estate broker your house hunting partner.
Large tudor home for sale You may be a first time home buyer in Colorado or any other state or you may be a seasoned buyer living in Denver. There are basic things you will want to do.

Before you get your heart set on that big, tree-shaded Tudor on the hill, you need to pin down some rather important financial details. Only then will you know if you can afford the large Tudor home of Denver, or if it makes more sense to aim for a first time home in the Denver Metro Area.

Check out your financing for your home by visiting online information.

Old house? New house? Fixer-Upper?

Start pinpointing the specifics of your new first home by taking an inventory of your basic day-to-day needs.

Find the right Denver neighborhood.

Consult your real estate broker and drive around different areas.

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Townhouse and Condominium
A townhouse or condominium may fit your lifestyle perfectly.

Check out the various kinds of housing available

Here are some clues to finding the Denver neighborhood that's right for you:

For many families, one of the most important factors in finding the right place to live is the quality of the local schools. Check with the school's counselor or principal and ask about:

* Percentage of students who go on to college and which ones they attend;
* Student/teacher ratio;
* Availability of extracurricular and athletic programs.

Check our school information online.

Real estate telltale signs: stable neighborhoods have well-manicured lawns, the houses are well maintained and appear to be of similar value.

A good real estate broker knows the housing market inside out and can ultimately help you avoid many a wild goose chase. He or she can help you with any house even if it's listed elsewhere or is being sold "for sale by owner". In addition, Elaine Ashby will know of homes you can't find on your own, and can tell if a house is a good value.
Most important, Elaine Ashby, as a real estate professional, will simplify the complex process of home buying. She may have other special financing that may be available.

Click here for more information about Elaine Ashby.

Shopping for first time home After you have decided what kind of home you want, make your real estate broker your house hunting partner.
Here's a partial list of what you can expect from Elaine Ashby as your broker to locate your next Colorado home.
Understand your price range and type of house you're interested in finding before you start looking at houses.
Make all the arrangements for each house viewing.
Provide you with the facts you need to make your purchase decisions.
Be a knowledgeable go-between when you make an offer and negotiate.
Advise you on obtaining financing for your home.
Buying their first time home
Elaine Ashby can save you time and take the hassle out of house hunting, and it won't cost you a penny more!
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